FLEX is flexibility combined with strength.

And FLEX Creative embodies these traits by supporting its clients with solutions for wherever and however content lives, and everywhere viewers are consuming it.

Located at Roundabout Entertainment– a state-of-the-art, full service, post-production facility in Burbank, California- we can quickly scale up to 4K or scale down to all social and digital platforms. We have the experience and skill set to help clients meet the demands of a┬árapidly changing marketplace.

FLEX Creative is led by Chief Creative Officer Peter Martin, an award-winning creative director whose career spans 30 years – including 8 years at Fox, 6 years at Disney and over 16 years as an agency creative.

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FLEX Creative
FLEX Creative is an all-in-one media company located in Burbank, CA. From promotion to print to interactive, we've got your creative needs covered.
217 S. Lake St
Burbank, CA
Phone: 18182371062